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Ecological water purifying

Sure prevention

Оf diseases in humans, animals and plants


Quality control

Intelligent integrated sustainable monitoring

For animals

For plants

For the food industry

Spa & Restaurants


TINOX provides a wide range of complex technological solutions for the delivery of excellent purified and enriched water. The stages through which water processing passes through into different modules of ADVA BP system are specific and consistent. The final result is: Restructured water with broken molecules, alkalized with antioxidant properties.


As the ADVA BP software is connected to Wi-Fi it can be checked from anywhere in the world at any time. Thus, we can monitor the quality of water every second and, when necessary, inform you about water quality problems that are not dependent on ADVA BP. The software of ADVA BP is updated each year and we remotely integrate into the system all the novelties that our scientific departments have improved over the year.


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