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Cap Green Zone: BE ORGANIC!

Information tool for promoting the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union


The main focus of the CAP Green Zone: Be Organic! project is promoting the sustainable production of organic food in Bulgaria and informing consumers about the benefits of clean food. The project will implement a number of information measures which aim to increase the knowledge of stakeholders regarding the plans of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2023-2027) to expand the share of sustainable and organic food production in the context of preservation of nature and biodiversity.

Be Organic! will inform citizens, farmers and non-farmers about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), including the CAP National Strategic Plans, the Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy, the Biodiversity Strategy and the Organic Production Action Plan.


Check the origin of over 75 000 food products
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Are you familiar with the origin of the food you eat?

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